Afterschool Program

Next on your list of things to do…FIND AFTER SCHOOL CARE before school starts back up.

Well let us help you take away the worry and stress of having to find just the right place for your child.  Here’s a review from a current family enrolled with us;

We have been members of the Dojo for 5 years now, using their afterschool and summer camp services for the past 4 years. We are very confident in Grand Master Yaro and his hand selected team to take care of our kids now 9 & 10 years old. The dojo has become part of our family and a vital component of properly raising our kids in a household where both parents are full-time professionals. The aftercare program picks up both of our kids from school, helps them with their homework, provides afternoon martial arts classes, and trains them in anti-bullying and “Powerful Words”. Our kids started attending classes at the dojo when they were 4 & 5 and are now both well disciplined blackbelts and junior sensei’s. We cannot thank Grand Master Yaro enough for all he has given our family over the years.We highly recommend this school for anyone with the desire to improve their life and their health.
Thank you, The Kilpatrick’s

We have a one-stop spot where your kids can get fit, experience AWESOME martial arts, and even have some quiet time for themselves!

All in a safe, upbeat, positive environment.

Our After School Martial Arts Program focuses on giving your child the best chance for SUCCESS in school and in life…

One that teaches them CHARACTER-BUILDING skills and ENRICHES their body, mind and spirit.

And even more, one that picks them up at their school and transports them to our facility by reliable, trustworthy staff… so you don’t have to.

Our After School Program will teach your child valuable life skills PLUS self-defense and good health & fitness habits, too. They’ll develop…Afterschool Program

Focus & discipline
Courage & confidence
Honor & respect
The ability to be strong in body, mind & spirit
Goal setting & follow through skills
Close friendships while having a ton of FUN!

When you give your child the right tools to use, they become the masters of their own success in ALL areas of their life.

Parents love A LOT of things about our After School Program, especially the peace of mind they get knowing their kids are safe, are being taken care of by trustworthy adults and are having an absolute blast with other good kids just like yours!



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