Preschool – Lil’Ninjas (3-5 years old)

When your child comes to class they will learn; Balance, Self Control, Coordination, Teamwork, Memory, Fitness, Discipline, Focus When your child leaves their class they will know how; – to be focused at home and school to use good self control to respect others to detect danger and defend them-self We speak with our students about what it looks like when we use good/bad self control and discipline etc. Also what it is to bully or be bullied, and how to avoid these situations. Or strangers, how to tell if you need to run and/or when you need to defend. All the things that you as parents want your child to know, and it’s all in a safe environment with role-model quality instructors.

Lil' Ninjas    IMG_4166   Lil'Ninjas Martial Arts   Tigers Martial Arts

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