Youth Martial Arts (8-11 years old)

Your child needs mental and physical development for everything they do in life; every challenge, every goal, every test, every performance Their personal best is our highest success. With challenges, rewards, fun and encouragement your child too, can attain his or her greatest potential. Would you like your child to; set goals, build confidence, show leadership, be self disciplined and respectful? These are the attributes learned in our environment. They might not realize how good it is for them so we’ll just pretend that it’s all just great fun and leave this information for the parents. No other sport teaches so many great characteristics nor expects so much from their participants. Our classes empower your child with the skills to be a champion in life.

Youth Martial Arts2015_HAPKIDO_BELT_TEST_YOUTH_Dec_12_2015_0647Youth Martial Artsyouth martial arts PW

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